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How to Choose the Correct Insomnia Treatment

When normal sleeping medication is no longer a viable solution for coping with sleep disorders, one may always look for an alternative insomnia treatment completely free of side effects. This is the case of herbal cures that can be safely used to ensure a good night’s rest. Among the many herbs that contribute to inducing sleep, let’s look at jasmine, lavender and passionflower. They are available either as supplements, tea herbs or essential oils, and they should be administered only after consultation with an herbalist. Keep in […]

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Alternative Therapies for Depression and Insomnia

Probably the most common psychological problem associated with insomnia is depression. There is a fundamental link between the two that goes beyond a level of chemicals being secreted by the brain’s orders to various parts of the body’s systems spawning disorders. Depression and insomnia are actually connected by the presence of bad thoughts directed towards oneself and the rest of the world. Personal dissatisfaction, emotional problems, over-stressed working conditions, various traumas are usually behind that depression and insomnia link. The most significant disadvantage in the use of […]

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