How to Recognize If You Have Chronic Insomnia

How to Recognize If You Have Chronic Insomnia

Many factors contribute to a serious sleep disorder such as chronic insomnia. There are physical as well as psychological issues that need to be taken into consideration for the proper treatment of this health problem. Chronic insomnia affects people of all ages, and research has indicated there are an alarmingly high number of people who suffer from it because of daily stress and depression.

Among some of the physical triggers behind this affliction are asthma, heart failure, Parkinson’s disease or restless legs syndrome, to mention just a few. Moreover, most people who suffer from painful health problems, like arthritis, are more prone to developing chronic insomnia.

Despite the physical element behind the affliction, there are other factors, such as stress, improper sleep-wake cycles, heavy caffeine consumption and depression among the most common elements that need to be tackled with in order to treat chronic insomnia. Once the underlying factor has been identified, a proper treatment or therapeutic strategy can be created to help people resume a good night’s rest.

Though the first and probably easiest to use treatment involves the administration of sleeping pills. What most people fail to take into consideration is the fact that such chemical substances that induce sleep cannot be taken indefinitely. They should not be thought of as a real long-term solution to the problem, and the core of chronic insomnia will continue to bother them for a very long time.

If stress is the main element that prevents you from having quality sleep overnight, you need to find ways of limiting the anxiety caused by factors such as daily work duties. There are actually hundreds of available solutions to help one eliminate chronic insomnia by means of relaxation techniques. To achieve a good state of mind during the day means the elimination of stress as it tries to take control over you.

Though it may seem difficult at the beginning, stress management can be achieved by increased self-awareness. The moment you feel very tense, try to empty your mind of all thoughts and breathe deeply several times.

Relaxation is the great enemy of chronic insomnia. The moment you gain control of your thoughts, and you create silence inside your mind, you’ll be able to sleep like a baby. Once you get home from work, stop thinking about all the problems you had during the day and focus on family, friends and personal well-being.

Sports activities can be a great help in the attempt to stop chronic insomnia. Physical exercises actually free both the mind and the body from toxins caused from stress or negative thinking. Relaxation music, breathing techniques, sports, and aromatherapy are all great ways of fighting chronic insomnia and its debilitating effects.

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